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The Complete Destination for Change & Transformation

Sentience Personal Training offers a complete destination for transformation, specialising in small group personal training, shaping healthy lifestyles through quality education & offering sustainable weight loss through healthy meal planning.

Embracing a strong sense of community and a philosophy that is passionate about real health and wellbeing, Sentience Personal Training's warm, friendly environment will guide you through your very own personal and physical transformation.



With one of the biggest small group personal training timetables in Melbourne, Sentience Personal Training offers personalised workouts that offer more advanced,  quality strength training exercises that results that exceed Members' expectations. We individualise and focus workouts on Member's goals,  exercise history and physical needs.

  A combination of mobility, strength and cardio condition gives Members full bodyworkouts each session in small groups of up to 6 Members for 60min sessions. 


Transform the way you see your body through an accurate body composition analysis that will accurately track the improvements your body make.  

The InBody 570 scan with give you precise measurements about your true health that will inspire and motivate you to make real results.  

If you have been disappointed with the scales in the past, you really need to come down, complete your scan and then track real changes! It really will transform your relationship with your weight forever!


We begin each of our sessions with a dynamic & functional mobility warm- up. The mobility warm-up primes most effectively for the training coming up.

In addition to elevating the core temperature, these exercises prime the central nervous system for activity, improves range of motion, and corrects poor posture from daily life.

Not to mention how great it feels to wind into some mobility exercises.


Our sessions are made up primarily of functional strength training exercises.  Functional exercise encourage your muscles to work together, to better prepare you for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.  

Our strength training both makes Members stronger and shapes their body.

We also offer specific strength training programs for the over 60, click HERE for more information


The metabolic and cardio conditioning phase of our workouts are designed to maximise calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.    We know that short bursts of high intensity exercise can result in an afterburn affect for 24-40 hours.

Unlike long workouts on the treadmill, our workouts create the best environment for fat burning, where you are literally burning fat around the clock.


At the core of the success of our Members is the our the accountability we offer all of our Members.  At Sentience Personal Training, you cannot get lost in the crowd or go unnoticed! Your designated Trainer will always be checking in on you, ensuring you are working at the right intensity to get your best results.

Our ongoing assessments and InBody Scans available to all Members, keep Members motivated to keep striving and improving.  If you need that extra support and push along, we can be that for you!


Take the time and frustration out of meal planning with our simple to make, and delicious monthly meal plans.

Each month you will receive a 7 day meal plan with 12 step by step recipes for you to use.

Family friendly meals that you everyone will enjoy.

Your recipes come with barcodes that you can scan into My Fitness Pal so you can keep track of your nutritional intake. Click HERE to download your Sample Recipe Pack


Supervised, progressive strength training sessions for people over  60, click HERE for more information.

Our Strength for Life sessions are approved by COTA and run by accredited Personal Trainers.




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