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Kaitlin’s Post Baby Success

Kaitlin started with us 12 weeks ago when her second son was only 10 weeks old! After having her son, Kaitlin wanted to get back into shape, as she was fairly fit and active about 3 years ago, prior to having children.   She wasn’t feeling good in her body and so gave us a […]

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How Bridgette Started Her Journey

 Bridgette started with Sentience Personal Training wanting “help with everything!”  She wanted to improve her fitness, lose weight and needed advice around meal planning.   Eight weeks on and Bridgette has made so many changes!  Her changes have resulted in the following: Overall weight loss of 4.1kg Increase muscle mass of 1.4kg Decrease body fat […]

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Sentience PT Owner & Trainer Snez talks with Northern Suburbs Podcast

Snez catches up with Adam Roach in his Melbourne- Northern Suburbs Podcast, where Snez gives a great insight to what Sentience Personal Training offers and what you can expect from personal training at Sentience Personal Training.   Snez also answers some of most common questions about nutrition, sleep and when is the best time to […]

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Here’s how to switch from comfort eating to empowered eating

Here is the first thing you need to know about calling yourself a ‘comfort eater’. The label itself gives you permission to overeat and eat things you know are not good for you.  All of your good judgement about healthy food goes out of the window and the worst bit…   It doesn’t make you […]

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3 Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2019

Summary of Main Points: We often don’t realise how far we have come in a year and the improvements we make, we instead tend to focus on what we didn’t achieve check It is super important to spend some time in reflection at the end of a year so you can feel empowered rather than […]

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How to Not Completely Derail Your Fitness & Weight Loss Goals on Grand Final Day

Snez just sent this out to the Mighty Men Challenge participants to give them some strategies to navigate Grand Final Day….   ‘Nothing like a AFL Grandfinal thrown in the middle of a Challenge to test your will power and determination!   But hey, that’s life and it happens… so will Christmas, New Years, Easter […]

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Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

At Sentience PT, we love talking about health and fitness and how to get the best out of people and as a Team, the Trainers love to talk all things motivation, fitness and food. We kind of talk clients in our time off!  🙂  Just because we love   Listen in as Trainer Nathan and […]

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Dannielle’s Story

Leading up to Oxfam 100km walk last year (in 2017), I was nervous about being able to finish the walk.  Since completing Oxfam in 2015 I’d put on about 10kg and lost a lot of fitness after hurting my knee and not being able to play netball or run.   I tried in the few […]

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Cacao Nibs- the perfect crunch

Behind the scenes…  take a look at my breakfast this morning…   My secret to staying healthy, having lots of energy and living at a healthy weight all my life (even after 3 kids) is to chase nutrients and not fat or calories in foods.   You see, when we really peel it back and […]

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Complete Guide to Finding the Healthiest Recipes Online

Do you get bored with the same old recipes? Or do you hate cooking because you don’t know what to cook? If so, here’s how you can find new recipes online that are healthy and will support your weight loss, health and fitness goals. And the only thing you really need to be a great […]

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