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Routines You Should be Sticking in Times of Stress

Humans generally don't deal with change well and when you have extraordinary amounts of change as we have see in the last 2 weeks and continue to see, it can be very overwhelming.

One of the most effective techniques that can help us to cope and recover from trauma (which is what we are all experiencing to one degree or another) ... are routines.

I shot this video today as the topic routines kept coming up with the Members in our Virtual Personal Training sessions.

Here are the routines that I strongly recommend you get back to ...

  • Sleep: waking at the same time or near your routine time, getting bed at the same time (if not 30mins earlier). This will help you to get to sleep better at night, ensure better quality sleep and give you more energy in your day.
  • Dressing and hygiene- get up and get dressed for the day. The attire may be different, but the routine can be kept the same. Shower/ brush teeth/shave etc as usual.
  • Meal times: keep foods similar (where possible) and stick to your regular meal times. Avoid skipping earlier meals, only to overeat larger meals later in the day.  Doing this will negatively affect your sleep and energy levels.
  • Social catch ups: if you routinely caught up with friends for coffee or dinner, this really needs to continue- in a very obviously different format- Zoom, Facetime, call or any other way you can, to keep that connection and support from loved ones.
  • Exercise: adapt your exercise routines and habits to reflect your new work from home situation. This also relates to the incidental activity you were getting as part of your day. If you routinely walked from the train station to work each morning- go for a walk around your back yard... clothesline workout anyone? 😉  OR come join us with our Virtual Workouts, you can find out all the details HERE.
  • Take a look at your routines, it may be a novelty to sleep in or work in your pj's, but it will wear thin soon and it may lead to feeling overwhelmed. 

    As of today-  adapt your new routines to your new COVID way of life and get back into routine!

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