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Kaitlin’s Post Baby Success

Kaitlin started with us 12 weeks ago when her second son was only 10 weeks old! After having her son, Kaitlin wanted to get back into shape, as she was fairly fit and active about 3 years ago, prior to having children.

She wasn't feeling good in her body and so gave us a call and got started with a Free Week Trial.  Since then Kaitlin has joined as a Member of Sentience Personal Training in the Start Up Membership, attending 2 Semi Personal Training sessions per week.

Kaitlin's goals were to tone up and lose some of the baby fat, feel stronger in her body and improve her eating habits so she could be a good example for her kids, sounds familiar right? Don't we all!

In a short 12 weeks, this is what Kaitlin has achieved through her InBody Scan:

  • Overall weight loss of 3.9kg
  • Increase muscle mass of 1.1kg
  • Decrease body fat of 6kg
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    Increase of InBody Health Score of 8 pts!
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    Lost an overall of 17cm!!
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    Is feeling so much stronger in her body
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    feels more toned especially around the tummy area

Here is the fantastic improvements that Kaitlin has made... before photos were taken on 29th August and the after photos were taken a short 12 weeks later, on the 21st November

These are the changes that we put in place:

  • Added 2 x Semi Personal Training strength sessions + 1 x body weight workout at home  + a couple of walks per week
  • Cut out the after dinner snacks, by adding more food throughout the day, so she would feel so hungry in the evening.
  • Added healthy protein options to her meals
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    Added more veg and good fats for lunch
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    She has replaced some sugary snacks with fruit and improved her breakfast choices

Kaitlin's goal over the last 8 weeks was to lose 2.5 ks of body fat and she managed to lose 3.6kg! 

Kaitlin is feeling confident in her body and is loving her strength.  Check out what Kaitlin has to say...

We are so proud of the commitment Kaitlin has made to herself and her family by improving her fitness and health.

It can be tough as a mum of little ones to take out for herself, so we congratulate you, your family is well and truly benefiting! 

Kaitlin's changes came directly from our 12 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss, Fitness & Health.  We did a lifestyle check and made changes where she needed them, you can download it here...

And we also taught her our simply to follow meal planning formula that teaches Members when, what and how much to eat without calorie counting.  You can download that formula here....


A lot of the people we meet know what they need to do, just struggle to actually do it! Being held accountable is a big part of not only Kaitlin's success, but yours too.  So stop feeling frustrated and let us help you out 🙂

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