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How Bridgette Started Her Journey

 Bridgette started with Sentience Personal Training wanting "help with everything!"  She wanted to improve her fitness, lose weight and needed advice around meal planning.

Eight weeks on and Bridgette has made so many changes!  Her changes have resulted in the following:

  • Overall weight loss of 4.1kg
  • Increase muscle mass of 1.4kg
  • Decrease body fat of 6kg
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    Increase of InBody Health Score of 9 pts!
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    Is feeling so much stronger in her body
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    Has loads more energy and feels better in her clothes

These are the changes that we put in place:

  • Added 2 x Semi Personal Training strength sessions + 1 walk to her current routine of two Pilates sessions
  • Added glass of apple cider vinegar and hot water on waking
  • Added breakfast
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    Replaced her snack while waiting for the train from takeaway to a healthy snack she brings with her
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     Removed all after dinner snacking and added a tea. Because she is eating more throughout the day, she doesn't feel hungry after dinner and doesn't need the snacks.

The most important thing is Bridgette doesn't feel these changes have been too hard. She still has a sweet snack a couple of times per week (just less) and is finding that she is managing her food a lot better in all situations. So that even when Bridgette is eating out, or having takeaway, it doesn't affect her weight loss efforts because she feels she cannot eat as much and is consciously avoiding overeating.

What's exciting for Bridgette, is that because of her increase in muscle mass, her metabolism is burning more calories.  Combining the increased metabolism, plus the extra calorie burn from her workouts and then her eating smaller meals, means Bridgette's results will now speed up!  We look forward to seeing the next progress update in 8 weeks!

Bridgette's changes came directly from our 12 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss, Fitness & Health.  We did a lifestyle check and made changes where she needed them, you can download it here...

And we also taught her our simply to follow meal planning formula that teaches Members when, what and how much to eat without calorie counting.  You can download that formula here....


A lot of the people we meet know what they need to do, just struggle to actually do it! Being held accountable is a big part of not only Bridgette's success, but yours too.  So stop feeling frustrated and let us help you out 🙂

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