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Here’s how to switch from comfort eating to empowered eating

Here is the first thing you need to know about calling yourself a 'comfort eater'. The label itself gives you permission to overeat and eat things you know are not good for you.  All of your good judgement about healthy food goes out of the window and the worst bit...

It doesn't make you feel good once you have had it! In fact it makes you feel worse and even more of a failure and annoyed with yourself.

In other words your behaviour and choices directly reflects how you see yourself!

This is why, I am introducing you to the idea of 'empowered eating'.

Because empowered eating leaves you feeling empowered, but also allows you to choose from an empowered place.

This is how you make the switch with 9 easy strategies:

  • No longer define yourself as a comfort eater: 'I used to do that' - put it in the past with your language. Define yourself in a new way- empowering!
  • Discover the real impact of your 'comfort eating on your health'. Do this by coming and getting an InBody Scan and getting a clear picture of where your body fat is located and how it is affecting your health.  This is true empowerment, when you say no because you are making a choice for your health rather than to bring down the number on the scales- who cares about the scales anyway?  You can book your scan here...
  • Learn what healthy eating looks like: Know what a healthy intake of food should look like and remove all rules of good and bad foods. Click on our Meal Planning guideline below... 
  •  Feel empowered saying 'No': to certain foods, rather than feeling a sense of self denial and missing out!  Empowering!
  • Eat foods that with minimal processing and  that are as close to resembling their original state as possible- because they carry more 'life force'.... #empowering 
  • Eat wholesome foods- it's not only better for you, but better for the Earth you live in- think an apple from a tree compared to plastic wrapped apple cake! Less energy, less landfill, less chemicals, better health! Empowering!
  • When you are emotional- do things to empower you and raise your vibrational energy- dance, run/ walk, punch your pillow- make a green tea and hydrate, use peppermint oil or lavender oil- rub a couple of drops into your palms and breathe it in, do some strong yoga poses- like warrior pose or tree pose and stand there, strong, drawing from the Earth's energy- now that is empowering!
  • Understand the wave that is emotions  and ride the wave- it will pass and you can see yourself on the other side of it- chocolate free! That intense feeling of a craving, builds like a wave and picks up in intensity, feeling impossible to not give in.  But here is a trick- wait 2-5min and then it subsides and the craving disappears! Best thing to do when you feel this intense craving- do nothing, wait, sit through the discomfort and do not eat a thing! After 5mins re-assess if you are still hungry... empowering when you have a win over this one!
  • Conscious eating: take the time to feel your hunger, look at your food- smell, chew, taste and enjoy your food rather than rushing through meals.  Listening in and eating only when you are hungry and stopping when you have had enough leads to weight loss and long term healthy weight- empowering!

Empowered eating is the only way to escape the grips of comfort eating that will help you to lose the weight and keep it off!

Disconnect with being an emotional eater today by implementing some of the strategies above and most importantly - start with your language.

Walk Tall,

Snezana Pezzin, Sentience Personal Training

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