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How to Not Completely Derail Your Fitness & Weight Loss Goals on Grand Final Day

Snez just sent this out to the Mighty Men Challenge participants to give them some strategies to navigate Grand Final Day....

'Nothing like a AFL Grandfinal thrown in the middle of a Challenge to test your will power and determination!

But hey, that's life and it happens... so will Christmas, New Years, Easter and boys weekends away! And the point is not to live like a hermit and do nothing, but you can do things a little differently so that you do not blow everything out of the water, then feel crap, then say "what's the point, I've stuffed it up!'... the give up, only to start the Mighty Men Challenge again next year!

Life is about living in balance and making choices that support you and your health.

So here are some quick tips:

  • First Off: whatever happens... Sunday is a new day and you are back on track, you may even eat lighter or drink more water if you happen to overeat today
  • Have your breakfast and morning snack- avoid saving your calories and then overeating at the BBQ or catch up this afternoon- this strategy doesn't work. Overeating is overeating and will leave you feeling bloated, yuck and yes your body will store the extra as fat!
  • Wherever you are if you can make a better food choice- ie. meat and salad, do that
  • If you are lucky enough to have tickets- you still have time to pack your own lunch- take a chicken wrap and some snacks. You will save money, won't need to stand in queues and no one really cares if you buy or bring your food!
  • Watch out for those pre-game snacks- most times you can pick on those corn chips or dips and then aren't even hungry by the time the BBQ comes around!
  • Get active! Between quarters or pre-game, jump into some backyard footy!
  • Alcohol... leaving the best to last. Well this is all about choices. My best bit of advice is just be aware- don't mindlessly drink... ask yourself do I want more, or am I just drinking out of habit, that's what we always do or to fit in with everyone else? Balance one alcohol with one water, maybe? Don't fall into the trap of 'that's just what you do'... you can do things differently and you never know, you may even feel better! Question everything when it comes to your health, it is important because you are important! And as we get older, there is just some things you cannot undo!

There you have it, some things to keep in the back of your mind today!

OR you can Challenge yourself and actually stick to the Mighty Men Challenge and avoid all alcohol, sugar, pastry bad fats.... am I pushing the friendship? 😉

Okay, enough from me have an awesome day! Hope your team of choice wins today... I will be cheering on the Pies (but not eating them!) hahahaha! Let me know how you go!

Walk Tall,

Snez 🙂

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