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Complete Guide to Finding the Healthiest Recipes Online

Do you get bored with the same old recipes? Or do you hate cooking because you don't know what to cook?
If so, here's how you can find new recipes online that are healthy and will support your weight loss, health and fitness goals. And the only thing you really need to be a great cook is to know how to read! Google can do the rest! 🙂
I am always searching for new ideas and rarely buy cook books, because there is so much online. The trick is to narrow down your search finds to ones that are the healthier options.
I have created this step by step guide that you can use to find recipes that are:
•highest in nutritional value
•made from wholesome ingredients with minimal processing
•have no or minimal added sugar
•use good fats such as coconut oil and olive oil rather than margarine
•Are balanced meals
With all best intentions it can still be challenging to sift through thousands of online recipes to find the best ones. A great way to do this is be crafty about what you are putting in the search engine, here are some tips:
First decide what meal you are after and what foods you want to include:
Eg: breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner
Then what main ingredient you want to base the meal on:
•nuts etc
I often go to the shops and 'feel' like eating something, like eggplant the other day! Then I did a google search for a recipe and came up with something delicious.
Great search engine words you can use:
•whole grain
•healthy/ healthiest
•best/ better
•When avoiding wheat, dairy or sugar: wheat free, gluten free, wheat alternatives, no added sugar, sugar free, natural sweetener, dairy free, almond milk, etc.
•easy /simple
•low carb/ good carbs
•pasta free pasta sauce recipes!
•healthy fats
•high protein
•healthy comfort foods
•super foods/ power foods
•high fibre
•weight loss
•dietician approved
•meat free
•eat well
•even the word 'diet' sometimes can be ok, just be careful with this one, because it can bring back some crazy ideas!
•think seasonal- summer, spring, winter, autumn
•Jamie Oliver- bc anything he seems to create is amazing 🙂
You have noticed that I didn't put in low calorie or low fat, because I am not a fan of either. Low cal, usually steers away from nuts,seeds and other proteins that can have be high in calorie and still good for you. And as for the low fat, getting healthy vegetarian sources of fat each day are included in most of my meals.
You can add these words in front of all sorts of recipes- like chocolate cake, thick-shakes, pancakes, pizza, fish and chips, even pies and lollies! You will be amazed at the creativity that you will find to give you healthier versions of almost any dish!
Store Your Great Finds:
Once you have these great ideas, it is a really great idea to store them all, so you can repeat at times when you are lacking the motivation to cook! I get like that at times too. There are loads of Apps that you can use such as Paprika, Chef Tap, Big Oven and My Recipe Book. I use Meal Planner- simple and easy and you can store the url of recipes 🙂
Happy searching!! Please flick some great finds when you come across them! 

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