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No hesitation…

It's Snez here and I just wanted to share a really powerful experience I have just had that helped me achieve something I haven't been able to in a long time, I think it can definitely help you too...

Last week I wrote to you about fulfilling goals that you had set for the year and haven't achieved yet. One of my goals was taking time out for myself and doing a Yoga session each week.

So today I did a session and something extraordinary happened. Towards the middle of the class, Justine (the yoga instructor) asked if anyone wanted to be assisted in coming up in a back bend. I did one with her last term in a class and it was great.

Now, I have been practicing to try and get up into a full - unassisted back bend for over a year and just cannot quite get there.  I seem to have the strength, but had convinced myself that I don't have the flexibility in my back to ever achieve it. Suffering back pain for many years, it was justified in my mind.

So when Justine assisted me last term I was pretty excited, but still could no way achieve it at home on my own.

So... today she asked and I said yes, she assisted and it felt like a great stretch, I came out of it and then she leans over and gently whispers, 'Okay now do it on your own'.

Now I am thinking, okay I'm limber I might get up a little bit further, but get ready to embarrass yourself and come crashing down on your head!  But I was up for it.

Then she utters the powerful words...'No hesitation'.  That is exactly what I did.  I did not hesitate, didn't worry about the self talk about what I thought I could or could not do and just did it!

And I did, went straight up into a full back bend something that I resigned to being impossible for me. I was surprised and then I was soooo happy! I wanted to jump around and celebrate. But it clearly wasn't the right time to pull my yoga top over my head and run around the room in victory.

So instead, I came out of my back bend, relaxed on the floor and started to be in awe of what I had just achieved.  Then I started thinking about what more I could achieve if I didn't 'hesitate'.  My mind was in a whirl of thoughts of where I have hesitated and not taken action in my life.

That's when it got me thinking of you!  I wanted to share while my energy was still high with the elation of achievement!

We are all capable of doing a lot more than we think we can, sometimes it is just a matter of putting our negative self talk to the side and gently whispering 'no hesitation'.  This powerful little technique can be a real difference maker in your life.

It is just the perfect time right now to take action with the energy of spring and new beginnings. So with the spring energy behind you and the power of 'no hesitation', jump in and get started on something you have been putting off. Only you can make the change for yourself!

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