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How to Maximise Spring for Weight Loss

Spring is the perfect time of year to re-set your weight-loss efforts.

After a long winter of sleep, rest, inner work and even some emotionally challenging times, spring is a season of renewal and new opportunities.

It's a time when buds become leaves and flowers and when the Earth softens to allow shoots of new life to emerge.

As with the Earth, so with ourselves. Spring is also a time for us to do a clean out, eat better, move more and renew ourselves.

This is what you can do to maximise your weight loss efforts during spring... 

  1. Change your mindset: Spring weight loss is not just about looking great for summer, and your own personal struggle to lose the weight. It is a time where your body wants to shed the winter layers that were keeping us warm, to slim down for the hot summer ahead. Less body fat is easier for your body to deal with in the warm summer months. Just as you begin to take off the layers of clothing, so too does your body want to shed layers. SO work with your body, you want the same outcome!
  2. Beautiful weather makes you want to be more active.Later sunsets and warm sunny days make you want to get out and be active. Whether gardening or going for walks, maximise your daily incidental activity by being outdoors and moving more!
  3. Start to eat lighter: Salads start to feel tempting again and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables will start to fill the supermarkets. As, the days get warmer, be intentional about starting to eat lighter- by adding salads, juices and smoothies and start to pack away slow cookers and toasters!
  4. Soak up the sun: Research shows that people have a greater success in losing weight when their vitamin D levels are increased. So try and get 20mins of sunlight on your skin daily.
  5. Spring Cleanse: This is the perfect time of the year for a detox! I recommend doing a basic detox at the end of spring to allow your body to get back to a “clean slate" and to cut off the winter comfort eating.
  6. Spring clean! Declutter your home and especially your pantry for weight loss. Time to do a big clean out.. out with the old and in with the new! Tidiness that spring cleaning brings can help you make healthier food choices and give you the energy to make better choices.

Enjoy the rush of new energy and optimism that comes with the season of spring. Look after your health and fitness so that you can enjoy this beautiful time of year fully!

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