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Do you feel lockdown has made it practically impossible to stay active and healthy? 

Do you feel the weight gain is happening quickly, and you can feel it in your body? For example, eating more often than you would typically, snacking more often, and not even hungry?

We are hearing it all the time from our members. But, we also get how hard it is to get motivated to workout as you stare blankly at your home gym set up, not knowing what to do!

Here are six tips that you can implement today that will boost your health, energy levels and motivation. You need to take a couple of steps and you will start to feel a sense of accomplishment. 

This level of small success can snowball into many changes leading to your very own transformation.
Let's dive in:
​1) Structured meal times:
set your meal times; a guide is to eat every 3-4 hours and make sure you do not have anything in between outside of water or herbal teas. 
So your schedule may look like this:
  • 8am Breakfast
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
  • 4pm: Snack
  • 7pm: Dinner
No food after dinner or in between meals.

2) Keep muscles strong: to reduce stiffness and pain in your body and keep your metabolism up, you need to keep working your muscles. Keeping muscles strong is not going for a walk; I mean resistance training; getting your muscles to contract against a weight or force.

3) Move more: This is about increasing the incidental activity throughout your day and simply moving more. For example, aim to go for a walk 30-60min each day. Walk around your house while talking on the phone and move your body after 45mins of sitting and working. 

4) Hydrate: the feedback we get is that people are drinking less water in lockdown. Drinking water makes you feel better, increases your ability to cope, and helps to regulate your metabolism and quantities consumed in a day, which impacts your weight.

Here is a good breakdown of a healthy day of water: 2 cups hot water on waking before breakfast + 1 cup of water at morning tea + 1 cup 15mins before lunch + 1 cup tea with pm snack + 1 cup 15min before dinner + 1 cup tea 30mins before bed + 1 cup after a walk/ workout
5) Healthy sleeping habits: aim to get your 8 hours of sleep daily. Working from home can bring about bad habits of staying up late and sleeping in or getting less sleep. Lack of sleep increases our hunger and craving for carbohydrate foods and decreased our ability to cope. Be disciplined with your sleep; it is super important at this time!

6) Routine: we are creatures of habit, and routine makes us feel purposeful and safe. Creating routines is helpful in lockdown. Consider routines for:
  • getting up at the same time each day
  • having a shower, getting dressed, taking the time to do hair, and even a bit of makeup!
  • mealtimes, where to eat and what
  • daily scheduled exercise
  • bedtime routines
  • etc
If you need help, we can help. We are open in the virtual world, offering our members individualised small group live-stream workouts, guidance, monthly recipe packs and community connection to get them through this tough time, and we would love to help you.

We are offering virtual small group workout sessions and 30min 1 on 1 PT sessions, where we can utilise any equipment that you may have.
<![CDATA[Why you gained weight in lockdown & how it can easily come off]]>Wed, 17 Jun 2020 03:22:15 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/why-you-gained-weight-in-lockdownAt Sentience Personal Training, Snez has had many Members come in and do an InBody Scan, as a re-set before they start back in the studio after the COVID lockdown. The results are showing an unexpected gain in body fat by Members.

Listen in as Snez explains exactly why it is happening and what you can do about it.
As a summary:
Unexpected weight gain, if you feel that your diet has been pretty good, may be due to the following three factors
  • Drop in muscle mass because of not doing strength work with heavier enough weights or not at all.  Muscles need a lot of energy to survive and therefore a reduction in muscles mass reduces your metabolic rate.
  • Reduction in incidental activity due to working from home and reduced activities: when you move less, you burn less.
  • Slight increase in alcohol consumption, snacks, more elaborate home cooked meals, etc

So you have a situation where you are burning less calories, so even if you did not change your food intake at all, you would still be in excess and gain body fat.

The strategies are:
Get started back with your resistance training workouts (and gradually) push heavier
Be mindful and increase your incidental activity- start moving more! Even if you still have a work from home arrangement, it is time to say enough it enough and find ways to be active throughout your day.
Tidy up on bad habits that have crept in and stick to set meals, reduce alcohol and no snacking in between meals or after dinner.

Above all, there are many factors that contributed to weight gain if you have experienced it and don't be too hard on yourself!  We are definitely all in this together and you are definitely not alone!  Snez xx

<![CDATA[Routines to Stick to in Times of Stress]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2020 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/routines-to-stick-to-in-times-of-stress
As humans, we generally don't deal with change well and when you have extraordinary amounts of change as we have see in the last 2 weeks and continue to see, it can be very overwhelming.
One of the most effective techniques that can help us to cope and recover from trauma (which is what we are all experiencing to one degree or another) ... are routines.
I shot this video today as the topic routines kept coming up with the Members in our Virtual Personal Training sessions.

Here are the routines that I strongly recommend you get back to ...
  • Sleep: waking at the same time or near your routine time, getting bed at the same time (if not 30mins earlier). This will help you to get to sleep better at night, ensure better quality sleep and give you more energy in your day.
  • Dressing and hygiene- get up and get dressed for the day. The attire may be different, but the routine can be kept the same. Shower/ brush teeth/shave etc as usual.
  • Meal times: keep foods similar (where possible) and stick to your regular meal times. Avoid skipping earlier meals, only to overeat larger meals later in the day.  Doing this will negatively affect your sleep and energy levels.
  • Social catch ups: if you routinely caught up with friends for coffee or dinner, this really needs to continue- in a very obviously different format- Zoom, Facetime, call or any other way you can, to keep that connection and support from loved ones.
Take a look at your routines, it may be a novelty to sleep in or work in your pj's, but it will wear thin soon and it may lead to feeling overwhelmed. 
As of today-  adapt your new routines to your new COVID way of life and get back into routine!
  • Exercise: adapt your exercise routines and habits to reflect your new work from home situation. This also relates to the incidental activity you were getting as part of your day. If you routinely walked from the train station to work each morning- go for a walk around your back yard... clothesline workout anyone? 😉  OR come join us with our Virtual Workouts, you can find out all the details HERE.
<![CDATA[How to Stay Focused in Times of Stress and Change]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2020 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/how-to-stay-focused-in-times-of-stress-and-changeEven in this worst case scenario, such as this difficult time of dealing with the Coronavirus,  it doesn't mean the loss of your healthy habits.
In fact I encourage you to strengthen your determination and discipline, so that you are better equipped to deal with the emotional stress of this situation as well to decrease your risk of illness.
Here is a quick video I also made on what I have been doing to stay fit and focused at this time of change.
Stay active and well at this time.  We are all in this together, 
Snezana xx

<![CDATA[Cacao Nibs- the perfect crunch]]>Sun, 08 Sep 2019 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/cacao-nibs-the-perfect-crunch
Behind the scenes... 

take a look at my breakfast this morning...
My secret to staying healthy, having lots of energy and living at a healthy weight all my life (even after 3 kids) is to chase nutrients and not fat or calories in foods.

You see, when we really peel it back and keep it simple... your body needs to be fed to fuel your daily activity.  Your body does not just need calories for energy, it also needs a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for its daily functions of all of it's 11 systems!

So by increasing the nutrient density of your foods, it means that you can be satisfied with less food... let me give you an example...

If you  eat some rice crackers as a snack, you have fed your body lots of carbohydrate, salt and maybe a little bit of fat.  But not much else.   And quite frankly you could eat a whole packet and still feel hungry 30mins later!
On the other hand, if you swapped that for a handful of sunflower seeds and goji berries, though a lot less food, you get so much more nutrition.  Sunflower seeds are each like multivitamins jam packed with everything from Vitamin E, magnesium to good fats and protein.  So too are the goji berries.
So you get a stack of nutrients that are actually feeding your bodily systems and giving them everything they need to function optimally which translates to you as:
  • better health
  • more energy
  • lower weight because you are not hungry all the time and you are not stocking up on carbohydrates and therefore excessive amounts of energy!
SO what does this have to do with my breakfast and especially cacao nibs?
Well I enjoyed this delicious protein berry shake  on my deck in the sunshine this morning and I wanted to introduce you to cacao nibs! Because they are another great way of increasing your nutrient intake
You may or may have not have heard of them or tried them.  But they are a great way to add lots of nutrients to your breakfast or snacks; give the perfect crunch and when combined with dried fruit actually taste like chocolate!
Here is an intro to all things cacao nibs!
What are cacao nibs and why should you eat them?
Cacao is the source of original, natural chocolate. It comes from the seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree. It is a superfood that contains a variety of unique phytonutrients and cacao nibs have more antioxidant activity than tea, wine, blueberries!  Cacao nibs are bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao bean.
How to include cacao nibs?
You can use them in so many different ways ... here are a couple of ways that I use them...
  • Sprinkle on top of shakes and smoothies
  • Sprinkle over vanilla yoghurt with pumkmin seeds and raspberries
  • add to muffins/ cakes etc instead of chocolate pieces
  • mix with raisins or goji berries and pumpkin seeds for a chocolatey snack!
Where to get them from?
You can purchases cacao nibs online, from health food shops and some supermarkets. I get mine from Aldi's... easy to get and a good price!

Think nutrients when making food choices and you will immediately notice a huge difference to your hunger, health, energy levels and weight loss!


Walk Tall, Snez 🙂

PS- Need help with increasing the nutritional value f your food?  Get started and let us teach you how
<![CDATA[Sentience PT Owner & Trainer Snez talks with Northern Suburbs Podcast]]>Mon, 25 Mar 2019 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/sentience-pt-owner-trainer-snez-talks-with-northern-suburbs-podcast
Snez catches up with Adam Roach in his Melbourne- Northern Suburbs Podcast, where Snez gives a great insight to what Sentience Personal Training offers and what you can expect from personal training at Sentience Personal Training.
Snez also answers some of most common questions about nutrition, sleep and when is the best time to workout.

Some key moments of insights: 
4.50min: What does Sentience PT mean?
7.30min: The best method for meal planning
15min mark: Impact of sleep on weight loss
16.15min mark: What time of day is the best time to workout
17.40min mark: A typical workout at Sentience PT and what it includes
Click on the link below to listen to the podcast...

Click here to listen to the blog
Click on the 12 Steps image below to, download the 12 Steps - The Sentience Way of Life, that Snez mentions in the talk...
<![CDATA[Here’s how to switch from comfort eating to empowered eating]]>Tue, 12 Mar 2019 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/heres-how-to-switch-from-comfort-eating-to-empowered-eatingHere is the first thing you need to know about calling yourself a 'comfort eater'. The label itself gives you permission to overeat and eat things you know are not good for you.  All of your good judgement about healthy food goes out of the window and the worst bit...
It doesn't make you feel good once you have had it! In fact it makes you feel worse and even more of a failure and annoyed with yourself.
In other words your behaviour and choices directly reflects how you see yourself!
This is why, I am introducing you to the idea of 'empowered eating'.
Because empowered eating leaves you feeling empowered, but also allows you to choose from an empowered place.
This is how you make the switch with 9 easy strategies:

  • No longer define yourself as a comfort eater: 'I used to do that' - put it in the past with your language. Define yourself in a new way- empowering!
  • Discover the real impact of your 'comfort eating on your health'. Do this by coming and getting an InBody Scan and getting a clear picture of where your body fat is located and how it is affecting your health.  This is true empowerment, when you say no because you are making a choice for your health rather than to bring down the number on the scales- who cares about the scales anyway?  You can book your scan HERE
  • Learn what healthy eating looks like: Know what a healthy intake of food should look like and remove all rules of good and bad foods. Click on our Meal Planning guideline below... 
  •  Feel empowered saying 'No': to certain foods, rather than feeling a sense of self denial and missing out!  Empowering!
  • Eat foods that with minimal processing and  that are as close to resembling their original state as possible- because they carry more 'life force'.... #empowering 
  • Eat wholesome foods- it's not only better for you, but better for the Earth you live in- think an apple from a tree compared to plastic wrapped apple cake! Less energy, less landfill, less chemicals, better health! Empowering!
<![CDATA[Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2019]]>Fri, 28 Dec 2018 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/steps-to-set-yourself-up-for-success-in-2019We often don't realise how far we have come in a year and the improvements we make, we instead tend to focus on what we didn't achieve.  It is super important to spend some time in reflection at the end of a year so you can feel empowered rather than disappointed... you can do this by completing 3 simple exercises
  • Complete the following 3 exercises to complete 2018- acknowledge your growth in 2018; forgive yourself where you feel short of your goals; take the time to dream the possibilities for 2019
  • By completing the exercises- you can start 2019 off with an empowered mindset, be free of your  2018 limitations and have bigger goals to strive for
  • Take the time to watch the video in full and complete the exercises
<![CDATA[Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone]]>Mon, 03 Sep 2018 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/pushing-beyond-your-comfort-zoneAt Sentience PT, we love talking about health and fitness and how to get the best out of people and as a Team, the Trainers love to talk all things motivation, fitness and food. We talk fitness, health and Members in our time off!  🙂  Just because we love it!

Listen in as Trainer Nathan and owner/ Trainer Snez discuss how to get the best out of yourself in training and beyond. Coming from years of working with thousands of clients, they bring you proven strategies.

<![CDATA[Complete Guide to Finding the Healthiest Recipes Online]]>Thu, 26 Oct 2017 14:00:00 GMThttp://sentiencept.com.au/blog/complete-guide-to-finding-the-healthiest-recipes-online
Do you get bored with the same old recipes? Or do you hate cooking because you don't know what to cook?
If so, here's how you can find new recipes online that are healthy and will support your weight loss, health and fitness goals. And the only thing you really need to be a great cook is to know how to read! Google can do the rest! 🙂
I am always searching for new ideas and rarely buy cook books, because there is so much online. The trick is to narrow down your search finds to ones that are the healthier options.
I have created this step by step guide that you can use to find recipes that are:
  • highest in nutritional value
  • made from wholesome ingredients with minimal processing
  • have no or minimal added sugar
  • use good fats such as coconut oil and olive oil rather than margarine
  • are balanced meals
With all best intentions it can still be challenging to sift through thousands of online recipes to find the best ones. A great way to do this is be crafty about what you are putting in the search engine, here are some tips:
First decide what meal you are after and what foods you want to include:
Eg: breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner
Then what main ingredient you want to base the meal on:
•nuts etc
I often go to the shops and 'feel' like eating something, like eggplant the other day! Then I did a google search for a recipe and came up with something delicious.
Great search engine words you can use:
•whole grain
•healthy/ healthiest
•best/ better
•When avoiding wheat, dairy or sugar: wheat free, gluten free, wheat alternatives, no added sugar, sugar free, natural sweetener, dairy free, almond milk, etc.
•easy /simple
•low carb/ good carbs
•pasta free pasta sauce recipes!
•healthy fats
•high protein
•healthy comfort foods
•super foods/ power foods
•high fibre
•weight loss
•dietician approved
•meat free
•eat well
•even the word 'diet' sometimes can be ok, just be careful with this one, because it can bring back some crazy ideas!
•think seasonal- summer, spring, winter, autumn
•Jamie Oliver- bc anything he seems to create is amazing 🙂
You have noticed that I didn't put in low calorie or low fat, because I am not a fan of either. Low cal, usually steers away from nuts,seeds and other proteins that can have be high in calorie and still good for you. And as for the low fat, getting healthy vegetarian sources of fat each day are included in most of my meals.
You can add these words in front of all sorts of recipes- like chocolate cake, thick-shakes, pancakes, pizza, fish and chips, even pies and lollies! You will be amazed at the creativity that you will find to give you healthier versions of almost any dish!

Store Your Great Finds:
Once you have these great ideas, it is a really great idea to store them all, so you can repeat at times when you are lacking the motivation to cook! I get like that at times too. There are loads of Apps that you can use such as Paprika, Chef Tap, Big Oven and My Recipe Book. I use Meal Planner- simple and easy and you can store the url of recipes 🙂

Happy searching!! Please flick some great finds when you come across them!