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Get Addicted to Your Workouts!

Yes, it's possible, our Members tell us they are all the time!

Get the guidance you need to workout, eat right and have fun doing it!

At Sentience Personal Training we believe in creating an environment where your health improves simply by walking through the door!

A friendly welcome, warm and non-judgemental Trainers, lots of training times to fit into your busy schedule and and a Team of Trainers excited every time YOU walk in the door! Our highest priority is making sure you keep attending, not achieving PB's or pushing you to the extreme. We want you coming back, regularly. Because when you stick to your training, everything improves... your fitness, strength, mindset, motivation, self confidence.... and then you make better foods choices!  Then we see the sprinkle of the Sentience Personal Training magic and people just like YOU, make extraordinary changes to their bodies and lives!

We approach things differently here at Sentience Personal Training, after working with thousands of Members since 2008, we will:

• Teach you ways to listen to your body and be in tune with it's messages
• Provide you with a one stop shop to a healthier lifestyle: food, fitness, mindset and healthy habits
• Empower you with the tools to discover effortless weight loss.

Want to know more? Don't put this off any longer, pop in and come and meet us and let us show you how you can finally achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals.

It all starts with a chat.

Book in for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

We want to get to know you better and we are pretty sure you will want to find out more about us too.

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We realise that everyone has different needs and so at Sentience Personal Training we have a range of products to suit your needs, goals and budget.  We are happy to help you pinpoint which is the best option for you .

Semi-Personal Training

Personal change starts within… and it also helps to have an army for support. Be more motivated with others while getting the close guidance of your dedicated personal trainer.

Team Training

Our small groups of up to 8 in each session mean you will still get the attention from a Personal Trainer to ensure you exercise technique is correct and that you are working at your personal best pace.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits 

Our studio philosophy is build on one of education and coaching towards living healthier lifestyles.  From basic meal planning advice and re-connecting with your body's instinctual connection with health, achieving results is an expected outcome of our proven formula.



Want to be our next success story?

Success story - Dannielle, 32

"I’d put on about 10kg and lost a lot of fitness after hurting my knee and not being able to play netball or run. I felt uncomfortable going out with friends, to events, even going to work was challenging because I wasn’t comfortable in my uniform.

Then in July my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding in November arrived, I tried it on and instantly hated how I looked and knew something had to change...

Then I joined Sentience in October, and since then I have seen a huge increase in my strength and fitness and my body has changed in ways that I never thought possible for me.... 20kg lighter and now I'm the fittest I’ve probably ever been. "

Read Dannielle's entire story here

I have always had a negative mindset and always had every excuse in the book why not to do it. Sentience staff have been amazing and helped me change this mindset. I love going to my sessions and this is a clear indication to me that I can do this!!!

Sarah Young
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