7 Things to Leave Behind in 2015

13 January, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 is your year of confidence, action and resolve and to shine so that you can live your best life.

So I wanted to share with you today, in the midst of a time of goal setting and new years resolutions, 7 things that you should consider being free of in 2016!

Here they are…

1. Guilt

Guilt exists in our lives in so many different ways, I am not exempt from it, I too feel it.


It is an emotion that frustrates me and I have definitely left it behind in 2015 and so should you.


Guilt around what you ate, what you didn’t eat, how much you exercise or how little.


It can then even be feeling guilt about getting great results!

Instead, own your choices and be happy with them. Every time you are about to eat something you think is a poor choice, make a decision. If you decide to eat it,own it and be happy with it and if you know you are not going to be happy, do not eat it.

Easier said then done with cravings, eating unconsciously or eating for comfort, so you will need to use some form of distraction in that moment (that is another topic for another day, but I can help you with this, just call me!).

2. Dieting mentality and diet rules

If this is the only thing you let go, you will have an awesome 2016! There are so many confusing rules, let them all go!
Firstly, let’s define a ‘diet’… anything that you go on for a period of time to lose weight that is different to what you are doing, that you will eventually get off and return back to your old ways.


This has to STOP.  So any new ‘diet’ you may be intersted in this year,  before you get started ask yourself, are you going to live this way forever? If not, don’t do it!

Instead, commit to learning a new way of eating, exercising and new lifestyle habits that can become your new way of being.

This is what I am so passionate about teaching in 2016!

Yes it will take longer, yes you will feel challenged.  But I am telling you, once you commit to the changes, there is no going back.

3. Shame


After losing weight in the past, and putting it back on, you may feel incredible shame and are avoiding the gym or getting started because you are embarrassed.


Or it may be that you feel shame because you have shown your family many times in the past that you have tried to lose weight and failed and you are embarrassed to get started on something new  again.


This shame (for lack of better words) is absolute BS! You really need to let this go, you cannot waste feeling overweight, tired and missing out on life because of shame!

Instead: kick the shame and just GET STARTED.  Don’t even tell anyone you are doing it! Get some help (start on our 14 Day Kickstart, join our Ultimate 21 Day Challenge) or just call us!

Or go to your local gym, or start walking and eating better. Whatever, just do something TODAY!

4. Being Comfortable

It is easier to stay in what we know, what we do and what keeps us in our comfort zone.  This is definitely one to leave in 2015! A fear of being uncomfortable and trying new things can keep you stuck in a body and life you do not want.


Instead understand it will be a little uncomfortable, there will be change, it will different and in the end it will feel better than you could ever imagine!

It is okay to feel a little discomfort in your muscles in the beginning, it will pass. Yes there will be foods that will be new and you may not like to start with, your body will adapt and assume the new flavours.

When you embrace a little dis-comfort and see that you are ok, then there will be no limit to the changes in all areas of your life you are prepared to make! Jump on in!

5. A need for a quick fix.

There is no quick fix! Let’s just get that out there, but I know you are very clever and know that already, but it is amazing how we can convince ourselves that it may just work.  Think about how many years people spend in quick fixes, not so quick after all!

Instead embrace learning, practice and mastery.  Any new skill that you have learnt at school or for work takes time to learn through repetition.  Know that weight loss is about new habits and choices and you will need to practice, practice, practice.

6. Negative Self Talk


Nothing has a greater impact on your actions than your self talk.  If you are telling yourself it is never going to happen, you will always make choices to keep you where you are, you ultimately manifest ‘never going to happen’

Instead replace the self talk with I am committing to change and I know I can do it attitude.

7. The feeling that nothing works.

This especially creeps in if you have tried lots of things in the past to lose weight and get fit. Whether you have tried and failed many times before, there is something that works and in fact it is pretty simple when you understand it differently.  We use the formula every day with our clients to help them reach their goals and you can too!

Instead, embrace that you just need approach the whole topic of weight loss and know with 100% confidence that you can do it!

Of course you cannot control these emotions from popping up, but having an awareness to recognise them and having some tools to let go of them is your key to success this year.
I hope some of these points resonated and really hit home for you.

Have a magnificent 2016!

Your Questions Answered: The Low Down on Fats

22 October, 2014

A question from Lisa Chambeyron, a client and Facebook Fan came in, this is her question…

I read more and more that you should not eat low fat or ‘diet’ products as they are pumped with more refined sugar and it’s the sugar making us put on weight. Will you lose weight if you eat full fat and reduce down on sugar? Do you need to increase exercise by eating full fat products?

Great question Lisa and a hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment.  Not to mention a confusing turn in what we are recommending as health and fitness professionals.
It wasn’t long ago that I was recommending low fat products to clients, the irony though, I never ate them myself.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have weight to lose, I think intuitively processed foods have never felt right.
Lisa is spot on in suggesting that low fat or diet products are full of nasties including not only sugar but also flour, thickeners, artificial flavours, preservatives and salt to make up for the change in taste and texture when removing fat from foods.
And yes, studies have been shown that by eating full fat foods as opposed to low fat or diet foods, will lead to weight loss.  This can be because:
–    People think they can eat more of low fat products, which can lead to overeating
–    Low fat foods are less satisfying and can lead to overconsumption to feel satisfied
–    Foods that contain fat usually also come with a good serving of protein, which helps with feeling fuller for longer
It is true that fats contain higher calories. I understand that looking at the back of a packet of almonds or cashews can make you gasp!  But the truth is that not all calories burn equally, in fact the metabolic impact of different foods can be totally different regardless of their identical calorie count.  Carbs (especially from sugars) are more likely to be stored as excess calories than what fats are, as fats are more readily used in the body.

To quote Dr Mercola…

‘Today, I believe it’s safe to say that most people eat far too many carbs and not enough healthy saturated fats, and their health suffers accordingly. Severely limiting grain carbs and sugars, while simultaneously increasing your fat consumption can be the U-turn you’ve been looking for if you are currently overweight and/or your health is suffering.’

Why we need fat?

There are many important functions of fat in the body, in particular that fats help to absorb important vitamins including Vit A, D and E (no surprise low Vit D levels are so prevalent).

The key is to think good fat, not fat free.

Full Fat Or Low Fat Dairy?

Regarding dairy, the confusion came from a 2013 study that showed that consuming full fat dairy was associated with lower body weight and that saturated fat may have a neutral effect on heart health.  Both contradictory findings to what we have been told in the past.  Again, I would stick to full fat dairy to keep the product less processed and avoid the nasties described above.  However my recommendation is to keep dairy to a minimum and instead focus on getting your fats from nuts/ seeds/ avocado and quality oils.

Top Tips To Including Extra Fat In Your Diet:

–    Include vegetarian sources of fat in your diet daily, a serving for each meal.  A serving of fat is the thickness and length of your thumb, from top of thumb to base.  Of course overeating on fats, just like overeating on any other food will result in weight gain
–    Vegetarian sources of fat include: nuts, seeds,  avocado, nut butters, coconut oil, eggs, olive oil
–    Choose quality grass fed meats that are trimmed of all fat (there will still be fat within the meat)
–    Completely remove fried foods, visible animal fat, and margarines, fat in pastries, cakes and biscuits

In conclusion:

It is essential to good health to add fats daily and to all meals.  Avoiding all fats can lead to over consumption of sugars and excessive preservatives/ artificial flavours in diet foods.  Like anything, portions need to be kept in check and overeating on any food will lead to weight gain, including fats.  The extra calorie intake from good fats in your diet will not lead to weight gain and do not need to be factored into through extra exercise.  A healthy serving of goods fats daily will lead to a healthier weight and body, not to mention better skin, hair and improved health.

Thanks Lisa for your great question!

Client Of the Month October 2013 – Poppy G

29 October, 2013

Poppy is a hard working, outgoing and dedicated woman. She attends every session and gives it her all leaving absolutely nothing behind! Poppy has made an incredible transformation since she began training with us, showing noticeable changes each time she steps through the door!

Poppy should be proud of what she has achieved so far it’s amazing to see. It’s what makes our job so rewarding! Your bubbly personality brings an amazing energy every time you’re here. You’re never afraid to try something new or push yourself that bit more!

We can’t wait to see what the future will bring, keep working hard!


Why did you begin coming to Sentience?

I felt appalled at the image reflecting back at me.  How did I let myself become this way?  Turning to food helped squash the negativity I felt.  Something I did often.

Making the decision to actually do something about it took me a while.  I was just not ready to commit always devising excuses why I couldn’t. I had dieted many times previously with short term success.  The word ‘exercise’ was not part of my vocabulary.

One day just like that I had had enough.  I had known about Sentience from previous visits to Rivers and it was close to home. Both hesitant and excited at the same time I called and made an appointment.  From that moment on I have not looked back.

How does Sentience Personal Training make you feel?

I love the environment at Sentience.  I have developed a sense of belonging.  I feel valued and respected as a person rather than being just another face at the gym.  All the staff are extremely helpful being with me every step of the way.  They encourage me, share their knowledge about nutrition and keep me motivated.

What was your first session like?

I have come a long way from that first session where I struggled to catch my breath.  My fitness levels have since improved tremendously but workouts still remain challenging pushing me to my limits.  Thanks Braden.

Week after week I have seen my body transform and am pleased with the comments I have been receiving.  I have dropped two dress sizes and I have yet to reach my goal.

I have well and truly settled into the rhythm of exercising and following a healthy eating plan.  Through planning and determination (something I was lacking previously) I have pushed forward.  I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.  It has become a part of me and a new way of life. I feel GREAT!

Top 4 Ways to Get Faster Fat Loss From Your Workouts

12 August, 2013

If you are sick and tired of the old cardio workouts and  not to mention stuck at a plateau, then here are a few simple things that you can do to get great results faster!

# 1 – Switch to Compound Exercises

In your workouts, add more compound exercises.  A compound exercise is one that use multiple muscle groups in the one action. Therefore they utilise more muscles, burn more calories and speed up fat loss.
For example, add burpees, mountain climbers, push ups, squat press, renegade rows, etc. It takes more effort, burns more calories and and takes more calories to recover from.

# 2 – Use Escalated Density Training (EDT)

I love using EDT in my workouts and out clients do too. EDT challenges you and you get more volume in less time. The way that it works is that you choose 2 exercises, perform 8-10 reps of each continuously alternating for a period of time ie. 6-15min. For example, set up a circuit of Squats and Pullups. Do as many rounds as you can in the allocated time.



# 3 – Incorporate Metabolic Workout Finishers to Your Program

Metabolic finishers can jump start any fat loss program and help you quickly shift past a plateau. Finishers are relatively short (some of them take only 2 minutes), so it’s time well invested.

Finishers combine the conditioning effects of interval training and the metabolic effects of strength training into one intense “mini-workout”.
Here’s your Sample fat burning finisher. It’s called: “The Bodyweight High 5′s Workout Finisher”

You’ll do the following circuit 5 times, resting only when needed. You also time yourself because next week, when you perform this finisher, you’re going to beat your previous time.

1A) Jump Squat (5)
1B) Decline Pushups (5)
1C) Burpees (5)

There you go… Faster fat loss!

#4 – Mix up your cardio

Avoid doing long hour long sessions on cardio pieces at the one pace.  Working at a steady pace,  brings your body into a steady state where minimal calories are burnt.  Instead, add a walk/ jog routine, add sprints, hills or intervals to vary your intensity and demands on the body. You will burn out calories flat out to keep up with the demand of your body trying to keep up with you!

There you have it, top ways to tweak your workouts to the most out of them!



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Raw Chocolate Mousse

3 May, 2013

The Benefits of Raw Food

By Ben Vickery

The general consensus on a Raw food diet is that one just consumes Celery and Carrot sticks… Today we are going to dispell that Myth with one of the best raw dishes going round, it will satisfy all those sweet tooths out there without the Guilt !!! See the Chocolate Mousse Recipe below…
Heating or Cooking food above 40deg C, Can cause a change in the foods chemistry, that create acid toxins, carcinogens, mutagens and free radicals all associated with most of the health problems our society battles today.
In the Age of fast and cheap, this could be one desert that will change your mind on Living foods!

This Mousse has the benefits of Avocado, a superfood high in Essential Fats and a great source of Vits A, B, C, E and K, as well as copper Iron and Magnesium.
Cacao is also chock (no pun intended) full of essential trace minerals, great for blood flow, and a steady mind…
Cinnamon will stop your Insulin from spiking (great for diabetics) and the Honey is great for your immune system and digestive tract, The coconut oil will bring your skin to life and is high in Potassium and will help zap the Bacteria that causes tooth Decay, may reverse the progression of Alzheimers and even reduce wrinkles !

What’s not to Love about this recipe?!!

2 Avocados
1/4 Cup of Cacao
1/2 Cup Raw Honey
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract. (not essence)
Dash of cinnamon
Place all into blender, blend until fluffy, and devour !